Roundtable Discussion: “Riders on the Storm”

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In the penultimate episode of the season, we learn a lot about Fiji and why the demon is after her specifically.¬†Join Mel, Roz, Leah, and Lisa for the roundtable discussion about “Riders on the Storm”.

Were you surprised to discover that she’s not only a powerful witch but a virgin?

Mel: Nope. That’s what I was referring to in the roundtable for “Last Temptation of Midnight”, what Bobo could help her with if she’d let him.

Roz: I should have figured that she was a virgin when she was so stand-offish towards Bobo recently, but I have to say that that’s the one trope I dislike everytime. Why is a woman not having sex worth more? I doubt she really is.

Leah: I assumed that was what Mel was talking about earlier this week and I knew she was powerful but she is only as powerful because she is a virgin? Is that right? Seems like an old rumor started by women who didn’t want to have to sleep with “powerful” men.

Lisa: I didn’t see the Virgin thing coming. I knew she was a powerful witch and being a virgin shouldn’t matter, but it does. After seeing how her first experience was, I can understand why she is a virgin. I missed the last roundtable due to Irma, so I watched episodes 8 & 9 back to back last night.

So in addition to the virgin witch bombshell, we got the backstory on how Fiji discovered her powers, a childhood full of being misdiagnosed as crazy/destructive, and the little matter of accidentally killing a man because her feelings became intentions. Thoughts?

Mel: I think that may have been the most fleshed out backstory we’ve had from anyone, except perhaps Manfred who’s had several flashbacks and visitors from his past. Fiji being ostracized and medicated because of her unknown powers, finally landing in Midnight and learning from her Aunt Mildred, discovering what she’s capable of, even accidentally killing Jeremy – it adds so much depth to what we’ve seen and heard from her so far.

Roz: I think all the flashbacks help to make sure we understand why Fiji is so guarded when it comes to Bobo and her magic. She did kill a man! That’s never good when your powers are that strong. I think I may have spent too much time around other genres because I’m rather tired of seeing someone thought to be “crazy” because of some power (see True Blood and Sookie’s initial reaction or Jean Grey/Charles Xavier in X-Men); it proves a point, but in today’s society where we’re trying to be more sensitive towards mental health issues, I’d rather pass.

Leah: I’m glad we got the back story on Fiji and it’s interesting to me that she went the guarded path, often in stories the “crazy” person goes the crazy route. The ‘if you think I was crazy before you haven’t seen anything yet’ path. I suppose that is a testament to her Aunt. I really like the depth of this character.

Lisa: I totally agree with Leah. I love the depth of Fiji. I loved seeing her backstory and it definitely answers some questions about her and her hesitation with Bobo.

Fiji and Manfred finally teamed up! “Gypsy dark magic, meet witchcraft dark magic.” But the spell they concocted didn’t go as planned. Instead of taking the life of Mr. Snuggly, it took Manfred. Another shocker in this episode. Did you see it coming? Are you glad Mr. Snuggly survived to continue disliking Fiji?

Mel: I did NOT see that twist coming, but it sure was a creative way to 1) avoid killing a cat and 2) getting the answers they sought. Also I would like to see Fiji and Manfred team up more often. Of course they should be using their powers together. Why didn’t that occur to anyone sooner?

Roz: I also didn’t see that twist coming. I didn’t want to see the cat die (Mr Snuggly looks too much like my last departed cat), but watching Manfred die – however briefly – was not cool. Mr. Snuggly can still keep on being a brat to Fiji and I’ll laugh.

Leah: So I didn’t see Manfred being the one to die but I was suspicious of the spell going smoothly. It makes sense that Manfred had to die to get the answer he needed. Glad Mr. Snuggly didn’t die even if he is ornery. I agree with Melissa why didn’t our Gypsy and our Witch put their heads together sooner!

Lisa: I didn’t see it coming either. I definitely didn’t want Mr. Snuggly to die and I really didn’t want Manfred to die. I also think they need to team up more! After this episode, I can’t see how NBC couldn’t renew Midnight, Texas. They have to right?

Olivia gave Lemuel “the head’s up” that she’s leaving. Creek told Dead!Manfred she was “ready to pick things up again” in an attempt to call him back to the living. Discuss.

Mel: I hope Olivia doesn’t leave because she is an extraordinary character, but I understand her motives. As discussed with the last episode, Lemuel attacking her had to trigger memories of the abuse she suffered as a child and certainly did nothing for her trust issues. Creek’s plea was a little more generic, please-don’t-die stuff but it seemed heartfelt. But did Manfred hear her?

Roz: The romance is still secondary to me on the show, but in this moment I can appreciate needing to settle boundaries and establish that there is or isn’t hope for a few couples. I trust Olivia to follow through on her intention to leave, but I don’t know what to make of Creek’s declaration since they’ve been the couple I’m more unsure of.

Leah: I think Olivia needs some time and this whole apocalypse now isn’t helping her get perspective of peace. I don’t see her truly leaving yet though.

Meh…I want to like Creek but I just can’t do it. I felt the plea to Manfred was more for us than him. He came back after he got his answer…not because she was pleading over his dead body.

Lisa: Yeah…I’m just not feeling Creek either. I guess she seemed sincere but like Leah said..Meh. The Olivia/Lem stuff made me sad. I like them together and don’t want to see her leave Midnight. She is such a great character, I hope something happens and she changes her mind.

We close with Fiji willingly going with (surprise!) Undead!Jeremy to meet the demon and give herself to him to spare the others. Do you think she’ll actually do it or this part of another plan?

Mel: I think Fiji is wracked with guilt, hasn’t slept for days thanks to the demon, and isn’t thinking clearly. She fully intends to give herself to him.

Roz: There has to be some twist to going with the demon on Fiji’s part, and I really hope she can use Jeremy towards that end. I mean, he is the guy she nearly gave her V-card to!

Leah: Honestly I was a little annoyed at this part. Sure Fiji thinks she killed Manfred and it brought back some crazy memories/feelings but all season Midnighters have preached how you stick together, you help one another. They are like a supernatural musketeers. All for one… you get it. And then what does he do? Keep secrets and run off with demon guys messenger. She need to take a step back and reevaluate said plan.

Lisa: I agree with Mel. I think she intends to give herself to the demon because she thinks that’s what she has to do to save everyone. There has to be some kind of twist because it can’t end like that.


Mel: Parisa Fitz-Henley/Fiji, hands down. Outstanding performance.

Roz: Fiji all the way!

Leah: Fiji

Lisa: Fiji. 100% Parisa Fitz-Henly was incredible.

Favorite scene or line?

Mel: I mean, Mr. Snuggly talking in front of everyone and telling Fiji he never liked her was pretty funny.

Roz: When Mr. Snuggly talked to Creek and Manfred; their faces were just precious.

Leah: Olivia’s incredulous tone about a talking cat as she is standing in a room with a Vampire, a Were-Tiger, an actual Angel, Ghost seeing Gypsy and a Witch!

Lisa: Anytime Mr. Snuggly talks is a win for me. He also live tweets the show and it’s hilarious (@MrSnugglythecat). He was trending on Twillter last night! I also enjoyed seeing Fiji learning how to use her powers with her aunt.

The season finale of Midnight, Texas airs Monday, September 18 at 10/9c on NBC.

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