Roundtable Discussion “Blinded by the Light”

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In this week’s episode, Midnight, Texas has a serial killer. Whether it is supernatural or human, the Midnighters are anxious to find out. There is more discussion about the evil that has been drawn to Midnight as of late and The Rev lets the town in on the secret Joe has been keeping. The veil is failing. It’s not the only secret to be revealed though: Joe shows the town his secret and ends up using his power to save Creek.

Quick question: Do vampires not have the power to compel?
Guess not in this world or so many of Connor’s issues would be more easily solved.
Mel: Apparently not in the Midnight ‘verse.
Lisa: I thought so? I guess not in Midnight. Anything goes.

Well, I guess we know who killed Aubry. If you didn’t read the book did you see that coming? If you did read the book how do you feel about it coming out so….quickly? It’s not the season long mystery I thought it would be.
Roz: After about half the episode I realized who killed all the girls and it felt like a good point to end that story on. Connor has been lurking around for too long being sort of shy and unassuming to not be that dangerous.
Cara: I haven’t read the book, so didn’t expect Connor to be the killer. I did figure it out pretty quickly in the episode. I remembered the comment from one of us a while back about him being free to ride around in the truck all the time. So, when I saw the truck running down that girl, I had my suspicions. I’m with Roz, Connor was way to innocent, no one in Midnight gets to be innocent.
Mel: I did read the book and was surprised that we were already there. I wish they’d spent a little more time building up to it, or had Connor be a little…creepier? when confessing to Creek. It’s a pretty horrific plot if you think about it, and it felt a bit anticlimactic. I thought Sarah Ramos played Creek’s reaction well, at least.
Lisa: I read the book and I was surprised how quickly everything came out. I don’t think they could have let it go a little longer. I’m curious to see where things go from here.

Joe to the rescue! Good for Creek, bad for Joe and Chuy. Although maybe we can agree on an episode MVP (other than Fiji)!
I’m glad Joe stepped up and finally revealed what he is, but I also think that Chuy has something to hide if Joe is more worried about him. What could Chuy be?
Cara: I’m glad Joe finally revealed his secret, and I’m curious about Chuy as well. I think Fiji made a great point about him keeping his secret and putting them all at risk.
Mel: They’re really teasing Chuy’s secret, huh? At least something isn’t revealed immediately! And yes, props to Joe for putting Midnighters first and revealing (part of) his secret.
Lisa: Yes! That is the million dollar question! What is Chuy? I’m so glad Joe spread those wings and saved the day. He’s definitely my MVP!

On a happier note…how cute was Olivia giving Bobo the Fiji will come around pep talk?
So cute! Given that Fiji’s demon is hurting her now, she needs Bobo more than ever.
Cara: I’m glad that the others know what Fiji has been facing. I like the way Olivia is developing as a character. The pep talk was a cute scene, and I think we’re all with Bobo in waiting for Fiji to get through the things she’s working through, both with Bobo and the demon.
Mel: I agree with Cara, Olivia is developing into a much more fully realized character than she was in the books. I think that’s down to Arielle Kebbel being all in on her character. She looooooves Olivia Charity! Back to the question – Olivia giving Bobo a pep talk was sweet. I liked the little shoulder bump at the end. It was also important to show that others are aware that Fiji is struggling; pretty sure that’s going to pay off in a couple weeks.
Lisa: I loved their scene together. I thought it was so cute that Bobo questioned her. I enjoy the few normal moments we do get to experience in Midnight.

Anything else you’d like to discuss that I forgot? Like the smile on Connor’s face moments before Lem shocked me?
Connor was too much a sweetie to be that evil, but I guess that meant he had a good mask.
Cara: I think Creek’s dad has a lot to answer for in protecting Connor, particularly once he knew that people were being killed. I was also shocked by Lem, though it is really the only response if they don’t want to involve the police.
Mel: I appreciated that the Rev took off his collar and went to talk to everyone as Emilio, a fellow Midnighter. I also appreciated the opening scene with the kids vandalizing the town; that’s a really important part of living in Midnight that’s been somewhat glossed over on the show. Yes, everyone there is an outsider and they fit in there, but that doesn’t mean people in surrounding towns are happy about all those “freaks” being down the road. If we get a season 2, I hope we dig a little deeper into that conflict.
Lisa: I don’t know if it was because I read the book, but Connor always creeped me out. He put up a good front, but he was creepy to me. I felt that Sarah Ramos did a great job emotionally in this episode. I really felt Creek’s heart breaking when she found out the truth about her brother and that her Dad covered it up. That was a tough pill for her to swallow.

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