Roundtable Discussion “Unearthed”

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Midnight, Texas was all about relationships and reconciling the past this week. Manfred’s past showed up in Midnight dampening his current relationship with Creek. He did do the right thing, admitted fault and tried to help Hightower get closure. Creek recognized his efforts and agrees he is a changed man, thankfully. Meanwhile Bobo’s past reared it’s ugly head when the Son’s of Lucifer kidnapped Fiji. Bobo reluctantly accepts Lem’s help and together they take the Son’s of Lucifer down. Some damage is done though as Fiji hears of Bobo’s white supremacist family. She needs some time to process.

Can I just say music boxes are always creepy. No question there just a statement.
Roz: Well, as soon as that off-key music started, it was way creepier than I wanted it to be.
Lisa: Yes! They always creep me out too.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS -- "Unearthed" Episode 105Bobo’s story came out this week. Is that the last we hear from the Sons of Lucifer? Is there more that Bobo hasn’t shared or do you feel we are up to date on his story?
Roz: Given actual current events, I really want the Sons of Lucifer gone; they’re scary and violent, but I also hate giving that side of the argument something to emulate later. I feel like Bobo has more skeletons deep in his closet, but it does make his relationship with Fiji and Lem (and the whole town) much more interesting.
Lisa: I hope those Sons of Lucifer are gone..ugh! But I feel like there will be more to the story and unfortunately we will see more of them and I agree with Roz. I think there are more skeletons in his closet.
Cara: I think there’s more to come. We still don’t known much about the parents or his upbringing. Plus, there seems to be an unresolved question about who killed Bobo’s wife. Both men seemed to feel the other had done it, which leaves a killer unaccounted for.

We got some more of Manfred’s past as well. Did you want Hightower to be a longer storyline? More of a threat? Or do you feel the story wrapped up nicely?
Roz: For all the menace Hightower provided before, the story was sort of a letdown. He was a threat, but by the time Manfred talked to Violet, it wasn’t about Manfred at all but about a controlling father. If he had truly wanted to hurt Manfred regardless of what his daughter said, I might have changed my tune.
Lisa: First I have to say that Chris Heyerdahl is amazing and I was excited to see him on the show. He always does great work and is one of my favorites. Ok, I thought he was a great villian but I wanted it to be a longer storyline. It was a bit of a let down. It felt rushed to me.
Cara: It did seem rushed, and the way Hightower died seemed out of character. He seemed so ambitious, only to kill himself. It was anti-clamatic to me. Though I agree that Chris Heyerdahl was great.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS -- "Unearthed" Episode 105The show gives us a ship and then takes it away. Bobo and Fiji are on a break. Do you see that lasting for too long?
Roz: I think it’ll take Fiji some time to wrap her head about Bobo as a supremacist, especially since it appears he doesn’t care anymore. But, a burnt church is a burnt church, no matter what you want to do.
Lisa: Yeah, that is a tough pill to swallow. Everyone deserves a second chance but that is really hard to accept and will definitely take some time for her to digest. I’m not sure if she will get past that.
Cara: I think Fiji just needs time to be sure that she really does know Bobo as well as she thought she did, and Bobo needs to re-earn her trust.

Also….why is that the voice of the cat? Every time I hear it it takes me right out of the story.
Roz: I feel like the cat’s voiced changed from the pilot. Now he just reminds me of Barry White with an accent and that’s all wrong!
Lisa: Lol. the cheesy cat voice cracks me up! I know it’s lame but I like it.
Cara: I like the cat, cheesy and all. And I thought the interaction between him and Bobo was a good light moment in a mostly dark episode.

Additional comments:
Lisa: I just want to thank all of the cast for live tweeting with us during the show. It is so fun! I want to give a special shout out to Mama Stew (Kellee Stewart’s Mom) for joining the party 2 weeks in a row now! If you don’t live tweet, you should. It’s a blast!

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