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Bobo Winthrop: Square Peg In A Round Hole

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Everyone, at one time or another, has felt like the proverbial outsider who doesn’t fit in. School, work, social circle, or maybe even around your girl or guys social set. Imagine what life must be like for Bobo Winthrop, a normal, everyday guy in the midst of a town where practically every resident is either supernatural or possesses otherworldly powers…

As the proprietor of Midnight Pawn, he’s even oblivious to the items in his store that tell their own stories, (at least to the perceptive Manfred). A vampire lives in his basement, and his girlfriend Fiji is a witch. Who exactly IS Bobo? How can he feel (seemingly) completely at ease in a town surrounded by potentially very dangerous beings? Was he perhaps born into a family of supernaturals, but a ‘squib’, a non magical person, to use Harry Potter terminology? How did he wind up in Midnight, anyway? Was he born there, or did he come to the town to escape his past and hide, much like the other denizens? However he got there, he’s carved out a life for himself. As a successful business and property owner, he clearly intends to put down roots.

Hopefully we will find out more about his past. Clearly, he can take care of himself in more ways than one, as evidenced in his jailhouse fight with the Sons of Lucifer biker gang. He developed his survival skills somewhere. When he confronted the bikers at the bar, his conversation with Calvin possibly hinted to his past – Calvin claimed that Bobo was a traitor to his family and his race. While that could possibly have been a jab about Fiji, it could also allude to a past with the Sons of Lucifer that will be explored later. Wherever his story line goes, it’s fun to watch the resident square peg navigate life around Midnight, Texas.