Roundtable Discussion “Sexy Beast”

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Last night on Midnight, Texas we got a little backstory on Olivia and the town dealt with another supernatural entity. A succubus has made it’s way to Midnight thanks to the overwhelming supernatural/evil vibe the town is apparently sending out. We also were treated to Creek’s brother being a little bit on the creepy side – he spends most of the episode following Manfred around and then tattling to his sister about his whereabouts, he did stop at a strip club, but it was for work! Really – it really was.

Succubus – Some witch craft and propane is all it takes to take out a succubus, huh?

Roz: I think that lines up with what I’ve seen of succubi on other shows, but she wasn’t exactly ass I imagined. Besides just depriving her of sexual energy, I’ve never thought of a way to kill one. But great team work Midnight!

Mel: I could care less about the succubus, tbh. She barely got to speak, there was no character development, no connection to our Midnighters. As far as I can tell, her purpose was to titillate. I wasn’t impressed.

Leah: I feel like the whole character was just a means to get Connor to follow them and put himself in danger. Oh and to remind us, in case we had forgotten from last weeks vampire nest, that evil is coming. I wouldn’t have ever thought to use propane as dragon’s breath though so that worked for me.
Lisa: I guess so! It worked for them. I love seeing them work as a team. I’ve got to give Taylor Black a shout out because she played a damn good succubus.

Cara: Maybe she’s not really gone for good… I liked seeing the team come together.

Connor – how does someone with such an overprotective father constantly leave the house, with the family truck?

Roz: I think Connor’s dad is way more scared of his daughter being defiled than he is of what stupid things his son does. Dad seems to care only when he’s awake or if Manfred is around. But why so stupid kid? He’s reminding me way too much of Dawn from Buffy: finding trouble wherever they go.

Mel: I still can’t figure out Dad. He seems super protective of Creek, but Creek is protective of Connor, presumably protecting him from their Dad. Meanwhile Connor is a typical teenager, ignoring legit warnings and heading out into the night where all sorts of nasty things want to eat him.

Leah: Connor is annoying (to me) Seriously? Following your sisters maybe boyfriend to a strip club and then tattling. He lives in Midnight and that is most exciting thing he could do with his time?

Lisa: Lord! Connor had my nerves bad last night. Creek told him to get in the car and go home and instead he’s out in the woods about to be eaten by a succubus! Anyway, when it comes to their Dad I feel like it’s a typical protect your daughter and let your son “be a man” situation. It’s a terrible double standard but it happens all the time.

Cara: Yeah, there definitely seems to be a bit of a double standard. Although, Creek can go wherever whe wants, it seems. Just not to Manfred’s place. Also, where did Conot get a fake ID. What kind of juvenile delinquent is this kid. I’m kissing, but it does make me wonder if he’ll get in more trouble down the road.

Olivia – Glad we got some back story on her. What do you think of her father trying to find her?

Roz: I think we’ve got way too many controlling men in this town because that was how I understood her decision to run away.

Mel: I’m a little disappointed, tbh. I wanted Olivia’s motivation to become a total badass to be something more profound than “Daddy neglected me except when he was trying to control me”. ETA: Guys, I totally spaced out the part where Olivia reveals that her mother pimped child Olivia out to pedos to pay for her drug habit after Olivia’s father left them. I take back my disappointment. Olivia has every right to be furious with her father for neglecting her.

Leah: I wanted more of the backstory. I obviously did not need to see her mother figure pimping her out as a child but just a small mention of it and nothing else was a little anticlimactic after Lem’s story last week. I would have liked to see her progression from that to her current bad ass self.

Lisa: I was glad to get some back story but I agree with Mel. I wanted her motivation to be more than daddy issues. That’s too easy. It doesn’t take away from the total badass she is, but I wanted more.

Cara: I don’t know. I think it seems like she went through a lot of trauma, and she’s funneling her anger about that towards her dad. So, though the anger at her father may or may not be enough to drive her character, it seems like she’s got plenty in her past to fuel her fury.

New Couple Alert – Bobo and Fiji! Love it? Hate it? Too soon after Aubrey?

Roz: I love it because I felt that tension between them since the pilot. But it is soon, even if Aubrey was being a cheat with Bobo.

Mel: I love Bobo & Fiji together, but this was awfully quick! In the books their romance is a slow burn; they don’t get together until the end of the trilogy. I’m not sure the show has properly established their long friendship and simmering feelings to earn a big emotional “awww” from me over that kiss.

Leah: While I like them together I feel like Bobo going from almost killing a biker over his ex to kissing Fiji in the course of an episode a little much. I could have used a little more build up.

Lisa: Yay! I love it! But I was surprised how quickly they put them together. Again I agree with Mel, I don’t think they gave enough time for their friendship to grow first. With that being said, their kiss was sweet.

Cara: The kiss was sweet, but the relationship does feel a little soon. Overall the show feels rushed to me. I wish some things were allowed to simmer and build more slowly.

Favorite line? Scene? MVP?

Roz: The propane was awesome!

Mel: My MVP is a tie this week, between Fiji and Olivia. Fiji was brave and willing to go outside her comfort zone to get Bobo to see her as more than friends, then she immediately stepped up to save the town (AGAIN) from the succubus. Meanwhile, Olivia was off doing her own thing, being a total pro (at killing, but still…a total pro). I also enjoyed the Olivia-Fiji friendship moments we got to see; that was unexpected but now I want more!

Leah: Oh it’s Fiji for me. I expect this will be my answer for a few episodes. She’s awesome.

Lisa: My MVP is Fiji for sure! The crispy fried succubus scene was super cool and I loved when Bobo told Fiji “You look real pretty tonight” with his southern twang. Awww.

Cara: Whipping the pool stick out of Bobo’s hand was a great moment for me, and also when she let him know that she didn’t come there for him.

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