Check out new photos for “Sexy Beast”

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On next week’s episode of Midnight, Texas, most of the gang bands together to defeat a new evil while Olivia takes care of her own business. NOTE: I’ve already watched this episode. There are minor spoilers ahead.

Somebody needs a new dental plan… But seriously, this week the gang is dealing with, among other things, a succubus. Who can’t afford a whole shirt.

It looks like the gang gathers to do some research before heading out to find the succubus at a bar. Fiji has what they need to defeat her, Manfred gets in an altercation (minor spoiler: the way he handles this classic “misunderstanding at a bar” is clever), and Lemuel looks intimidating.

Meanwhile, Olivia has a job to do. And an unwanted third party gets involved.

Speaking of sexy beasts…Creek and Manfred are obviously getting closer. How do you think Daddy Dearest will handle this development?

And what do we have here? A little Bobo and Fiji togetherness? Who’s the dress for, Fiji?

“Sexy Beast” airs Monday, August 14 at 10/9c on NBC.

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