Roundtable Discussion: “Bad Moon Rising”

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On this week’s episode of Midnight, Texas, we learned what the Rev’s supernatural secret is, witnessed Fiji throwing down with demons like a boss, and learned more about why Midnight draws so many “outsiders”. Mel, Leah, Roz, Cara, and Lisa discuss what went down in this week’s roundtable.

What did you think of the weretiger? Were you surprised that Olivia was ready to shoot even though she knew it was the Rev? Were you hoping for more shapeshifting?

Roz: I’m all for werecreatures and I like the idea that the Rev is a tiger rather than a wolf (or even a weremonkey as I’ve read in a book before along with werelions). I’m not shocked that Olivia didn’t shoot him because even as a tiger, that was still the Rev and he is part of their town and their friend. I’m happy with this level of shifting, because it’s often really gruesome to watch; the morph back into a human body was easier to handle than I imagine the shift into a tiger was.

Leah: I am just glad we are getting this information out now. I like knowing all of the things, so I’m happy we got to see this the second episode in. I also think Olivia is so programmed to protect/shoot that she had a moment of pause before realizing things were okay.

Cara: The weretiger was cool to see, and I was also OK with the low-key transformation scene. I’m not terribly surprised that Olivia didn’t shoot. We needed to see some softness to understand her relationship with others.

Mel: I was a little surprised that they didn’t build up the Rev’s secret a little longer because I enjoyed the speculation about who/what he was while reading the books. His transformation and escape did a lot to show us who other characters are, though, and furthered the idea that Midnighters protect each other from outsiders.

Lisa: I’m all for the weretiger and I agree with Roz, I’m glad the Rev is a weretiger instead of a werewolf. Pretty cool! Olivia is such a badass, I’m not surprised at all that she was ready to shoot. She will do whatever it takes to get it done and if it came to shooting the Rev, she would have. Thank goodness it didn’t come to that. I thought the shapeshifting effects were pretty cool. They did a good job.

Fiji is a badass. Discuss.

Roz: Yeah, I’m all for her being a badass, but I worry now that the lead demon can follow her around. That said, getting rid of all those spirits is awesome because it speaks to how powerful she is and I can’t wait to see more of that.

Leah: Fiji is a badass. I mean it’s Midnight, TX so sure the people that are there with powers really do have powers but it is nice to see just how powerful she was. Go Fiji!

Cara: Like Olivia, I think we needed to see that she’s not all saccharine sweetness. It definitely helped make her a more interesting character.

Mel: I loved how she was all chirpy and chill about confronting mega evil spirits, then we got to see why she’s so confident: girl has some POWER.

Fiji: Yes! Don’t let the sweet face fool you! Fiji is powerful and a total badass and I love it!

Bobo is a badass. Discuss.

Roz: This is less shocking, since he’s got the build of a guy who can kick ass, but it’s good to see these Sons of Lucifer put down in a small cell. What it says for what else he’ll do later, I don’t want to guess.

Leah: So Dylan Bruce is hot just standing still. As Bobo kicking white supremacist ass – even hotter. Wait, the question wasn’t about how hot he was, was it? Hmmm….he was badass. I’m proud of him. Go Bobo!

Cara: I’ve had mixed feelings about Bobo, but giving the Sons of Lucifer a good beating definitely tilted the scales in his favor.

Mel: I’m still not sure what to make of Bobo, and I’ve actually seen the first four episodes as I’m writing this. The Sons of Lucifer totally deserved a beat down, and Bobo certainly had righteous anger on his side, but I’m even more curious about his backstory now.

Lisa: Yes! Bobo kicking some white supremacist ass was awesome and he definitely looked hot doing it! Can I just mention that I giggle everytime I say his name. Bobo. LOL! Crazy!

Two more deaths this week – both law enforcement officers. Were you surprised?

Roz: I think that the rule of human law can’t apply to a town like Midnight, so I’m not shocked that both of the main obstacles in the search for the murderer (though I guess we know now it was her husband) are gone because those rules don’t apply to a shifter and a witch and a psychic.

Leah: Why any law enforcement would even bother to try to manage Midnight is beyond me. Murder or not. Death tolls are going to rise. I expect it.

Cara: I was shocked, but also glad because it was something unexpected. A lot of what we’ve seen is fairly formulaic. I thought we were setting up for a typical cop who’s secretly sympathetic vs the misunderstood outsiders scenario. Now I am much more interested to see what comes next.

Mel: I agree, Roz, this was meant to show us that the rule of human law is useless against supernatural forces. The first death was not a surprise – hello, you just let a tiger loose – but the bombing at the Sheriff’s Office was unexpected, partially because it had nothing to do with the supernatural Midnighters. By the way, I think that was the end of the murder plot. It only took them two episodes to blow through what was essentially the plot of the first book.

Lisa: I wasn’t shocked at all, especially with the first death. Why would she open a cellar that was chained closed? I knew she was going to get it for being stupid. Mind your own business in Midnight, Texas.

So Midnight is on a Hellmouth and the veil between worlds is fraying and there’s a prophecy that Manfred – “the new guy” – will help stop it from tearing altogether. Discuss.

Roz: Can there be a musical episode soon that allows everyone to sing their feelings? I’m not shocked that Midnight is on a sort of Hellmouth – it feels apt to explain all the creepy in town.

Leah: I would just like to giggle at Roz’s response and second it.

Cara: The show definitely seems to be getting a running start with what seems like it should be a major development in episode two. I don’t know that the show is doing much to distinguish it from shows like Buffy and Supernatural. I felt like it was a little gimmicky to have a”starting at the end” episode at the very beginning of the series. Overall, that’s my main complaint, that the show isn’t really doing anything new yet.

Mel: Cara, I totally agree re: “starting at the end” episode structures. Years ago it was neat, but now it feels gimmicky. I don’t know why this particular episode needed to be structured that way. But back to the Hellmouth: I suppose there needed to be an explanation for why the supernaturals and spirits are drawn to Midnight, but I’m not sure I need a prophecy and a bunch of mythology mixed in with my shenanigans. We have enough story to explore with all the interesting characters and their backstories.

Lisa: OMG! Yes! Can we please have a musical episode? lol Roz you crack me up! Not surprised about the Hellmouth one bit and I’m sure there are more creepy things to come.

‘Ship Update: Who’s your fav as of now? Creek/Manfred? Lemuel/Olivia? Chuy/Joe?

Roz: Can I just be a gen girl for now? I’m not feeling Creek/Manfred (it feels very forced) but I’m curious about how the team works together.

Leah: I’m all for Chuy/Joe

Cara: I also thought Creek/Manfred feels forced, but I’m all for Chuy/Joe. I was really hoping that Chuy would turn out to be related to chupacabre, or something son of God-related as Chuy is a nickname for Jesus. Sadly, Mel told me  he is nothing so bizarre. They’re still the most interesting, and authentic feeling, couple to me.

Mel: I should probably clarify that in the books Chuy is nothing so bizarre. Who knows what he’ll turn out to be on the show! (I have a suspicion, though…) That said, I am here for Chuy/Joe and Lemuel/Olivia. Creek/Manfred is still growing on me; so far it feels more like “these two people are hot, let’s have them makeout” and less like an actual relationship developing.

Lisa: I’m all about Lem & Olivia. They have great chemistry! I agree about Manfred & Creek feeling forced because it is rushed. In the books it took a long time before they spent time together. I think they should have taken time to build a relationship with them in the show as well.

Favorite lines? Scenes? Music?

Roz: Just Madonna talking to Manfred about his choices with Creek while she’s stitching him up made me smile.

Cara: I’m still on the fence about the show,  so unfortunately not much is sticking.  I am a fan of Manfred’s gran though.

Mel: I loved Olivia’s disgusted “You’re born a were, dimwit” comment to Manfred after the RevTiger swiped him. I mean, DUH, everyone knows how this works, Manny.


Roz: Fiji for today’s take-down of all those spirits gets my vote.

Leah: Agreed.

Cara: Yep, definitely Fiji.

Mel: Fiji for her confidence and power and all around awesomeness.

Lisa: It’s unanimous. Fiji for the win!

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