MIDNIGHT, TEXAS: We Discuss the First Episode {VIDEO}

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Midnight, Texas made its debut tonight on NBC, introducing viewers to the tiny town and the outsiders who live there. Several contributors to the site – Mel, Leah, Lisa, and Roz – were in San Diego last week for Comic Con, so we sat down and filmed a roundtable discussion about the episode. We don’t get terribly spoilery, but it will help if you’ve seen the episode. Click play below to hear our thoughts on Midnight, Texas!

What did you think of the premiere? Share your thoughts below!

I'm a looooong time fan of Charlaine Harris and her novels. In 2008, I launched the first and (what became) largest True Blood fansite at When I heard that Midnight, Texas was in development back in January 2016, I immediately bought this domain name and eagerly awaited the the show's premiere. Welcome!

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  1. elaine londenberg

    July 31, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    It’s been while since I read the books, is Hightower in the books or added? I don’t remember his character. Great casting! I would have put more piercings on Manfred but ah well. I loved the first episode…saw it 5 times now! I didn’t perceive Mr. Snuggly with a Texas accent, probably should have since I’m originally from Texas. I love it, they got that “catitude” just right!
    Question if Olivia lives upstairs, where does Bobo live? More later…